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Dealer level diagnosis on Ferrari & Maserati models


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Dealer level diagnosis for Ferrari & Maserati

At Pantuso Automotive, we provide dealer level service on most makes and models of Ferrari and Maserati in Ottawa. Danny Pantuso, has over 35 years of experience working with Ferrari and Maserati cars and uses only manufacturer parts for the best results. Pantuso Automotive offers full oil changes and maintenance services, which include the Dealer Level Diagnosis Leonardo supercar system.

The LEONARDO offers advanced diagnostic functions in real time, such as Tire Pressure Monitoring, Suspension, Capote, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Immobilizer, Engine, F1 Gearbox, Clutch and much more….

Vehicle Coverage


348 (F348)

355 (F355)

360 Modena (F131)

430 (F131E)

430 Challange (F131E Challenge)

430 ELP (F131E ELP)

430 EV08 (F131E EV08)

430 Scuderia Spyder (F131E 16M)

456 (F456)

456 GT (F456 GT)

456M (F456 M)

458 Italia (F142)

458 Italia Challenge (F142 CHP)

458 Italia Speciale (F142 VS)

550 Maranello (F133)

575M Maranello (F133E)

599 GTB Fiorano (F141)

599 GTO (F141 GTO)

California (F149)

Enzo (F140)

F50 (F50)

Mondial (Mondial)

Scaglietti (F137)

Scaglietti MY (F137 MY)

Testarossa (F512 TR)


3200 GT (3200 GT)

Gransport (Gransport)

GranTurismo (M145)

GT (M138)

Quattroporte (M139)

Quattroporte MY (M139 MY)

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What We Do.

Whether you are in need of an oil change, timing belt, clutch replacement, checking and reprogramming ECU system, tune-up, fuel injection and brakes, Pantuso Automotive can help.


Automotive | 35 Years


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